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Welcome to Canadian Pros Painting!

Our Fort McMurray floor coatings professionals have been serving business owners all across Alberta since 2010, providing top-notch solutions at affordable prices. With top-of-the-line products sourced from the most reputable brands and the most rigid health and safety guidelines set in place, our Fort McMurray floor coatings team is able to deliver consistently fantastic results. Whatever your needs are, you can always fully depend on our Fort McMurray floor coatings contractors for the most personalized and foolproof solutions. The complete list of services offered at our company includes:

  • Floor coatings
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting

Our Fort McMurray floor coatings experts care deeply about optimizing the customer experience and will happily work around the clock to fit your business schedule. We will go above and beyond to make sure that our results are delivered within your budget and time constraints. If you have any questions about our services, our customer-oriented contractors will gladly guide you through our entire process one step at a time so that you can make a fully informed decision for your valuable property. Each of your options will be laid out in front of you accompanied by detailed explanations - all you have to do is ask! Please visit our testimonials page to read some of our favourite customer success stories and browse through our photos gallery to view some of our best work from recent years. Our service region currently includes Fort McMurray, Timberlea, Fort Mckay, Athabasca, Westlock, Smoky Lake, Lac La Biche, Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and countless other communities throughout Alberta. To schedule a meeting with one of our spectacular painting contractors, please contact us as soon as possible! We are always here to help.

Get In Touch

Sandblasting job sizes MUST be a minimum of $900
Marketing solicitation requests will not be accepted!

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